CCleaner includes malware

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Kaspersky identified then deleted CCleaner malware

malch wrote:

Austinian wrote:

malch wrote:

I certainly don't consider it "snake oil".

Nor would I, and I understand the attraction of such a utility.

However, I never use any third-party utilities that I think have a high potential to modify a Windows install in a way that might alter its configuration in a potentially harmful way. No cleaners, uninstallers, etc.

But how do you gauge that potential? All kinds of applications dick around with the registry and various system files and you can't really know without reverse engineering the whole thing including the installer.

I've been using CCleaner for years without a single system problem becoming apparent. I've had plenty of other applications, and even some Windows Updates, do way more damage.

However, I am disappointed and concerned that Piriform's configuration control and release processes allowed this fiasco to happen.

Fortunately, I use the 64-bit of CCleaner so I don't think any actual harm was done to my system. I have of course updated the software and run full AV scans with multiple scanners. Thankfully, nothing was found.

I've also used CCleaner for years on 64-bit with no problems . It was my Kaspersky (KIS version) that identified the CCleaner malware then deleted it. I also use the unpaid versions of Spybot and Malwarebytes   - perhaps it's best to switch to using the Paid versions.



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