Canon G1X Mark III on 17 Okt

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Re: Will it sell if it come with this lens ?

Samuel C wrote:

Going from a 1.9 crop to a 1.6 crop is not a huge leap and 5X is not a superzoom. They could use a larger lens or reduce the top end of the focal length, but I don't think utilizing a full APS-C sensor is outside the realm of possibility. We'll see soon.

5x is still quite a bit. The G1 XII has a 16mm entrance pupil. To achieve the same aperture and focal length on a Canon APS-C sensor would now require a 19.2mm entrance pupil, plus the additional 10mm of focal length (it typically means that the cams must move at least 10mm farther) plus the aberration correction at the edges, which typically means that the additional size of the lens is squared (it'd need to grow at least a centimeter in each direction, probably more to acommodate the larger cams, stabilization and AF motors).

Basically, if Canon are aiming for a pocket camera with a 1.6 crop sensor, 15-75mm f/2-3.9 lens, it'll have garbage IQ away from the center - with out current technological level. Otherwise, they could increase the size of the retracted lens, or reduce the focal range it covers. There isn't any way to get around this unless Canon plan to introduce a new and revolutionary technology (like a curved sensor or a lens element that changes its form in an orderly fashion).

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