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Re: Will it sell if it come with this lens ?

Samuel C wrote:

It's also possible that they've used the last (coming up on) 4 years to create a lens that will be compact, fast, and still offer a useful zoom range for an APS-C sensor. I personally think they could get away with a larger lens. After all, how many people buy an M body, put the lens on, and use it essentially as a fixed lens camera? Maybe a DO element would do the trick.

Aperture, focal length range, and image circle - pick two. It's unfortunately physically impossible to have all three things in a zoom lens, no matter the price, unless size and weight aren't considerations at all (I'm talking several kilos here in a thing larger than a wine jeroboam). A superzoom lens for a larger sensor needs to have less light gathering if it's to be reasonable in dimensions. A superzoom can be fast-ish and cover everything, but only for a smaller sensor (like the G3 X or RX10M4). A fast zoom can only have a limited range before things get out of hand (just compare a 16-50mm f/2.8 lens to a 70-200mm f/2.8 one) if it's meant for a larger image circle (sensor).

DO groups are only useful for telephoto lenses, they add nothing to short focal lengths.

One additional factor at play is the use of precission-molded aspherics. These can be found inside cameras like the G7 X, RX10 and in many cell phones. They're absolutely cost-prohibitive for ILC lenses though, because of volume and image circle diameter. They also mess bokeh up pretty bad. But the way in which they can correct aberrations is incredible, and allow for lenses with design goals that are simply ridiculous for larger formats, or require massive traditional elements (witness the Sigma Art series as a great example). These aren't to be confused with ground and cemented aspherics, which are the types more commonly used in APS-C and 35mm lenses.

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