Buy Functioning Camera or Fix Cheap Camera?

Started Sep 20, 2017 | Discussions thread
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Re: Buy Functioning Camera or Fix Cheap Camera?

lazyfortress wrote:

I'm debating on whether to buy a $739 Nikon D3 that has no problems (21,000 shutter count) or a $400 Nikon D3 that has a broken shutter. How much would it cost me to fix up the broken $400 D3? What would you recommend on getting? Also, what's the price of a heavily used D4?

Any help is appreciated!

I'd buy the functional one; the price difference isn't that big (in absolute terms), the shutter count is nothing for a D3, and you'll get to start using it immediately (as opposed to waiting for a repair, plus potentially bearing the risk of damage in shipping if you're not close enough to the repair center to take it there in person).

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