Where are all those new M-series lenses?

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pahooj wrote:

Canon seems to be pushing out M-series camera bodies but not a single new lens in 2017. Not a good way to establish themselves in the mirrorless market.

I'd have suggested September but nothing was mentioned.   I'll bet they're still licking their wounds over the EOS 6D II (DSLR) which has had uniformly negative press beyond any other product that they have ever released.  They'll be in damage control right now.  The company is broken up into teams and I'd suggest they're due to release new lenses for the M-series around now.  I'm surprised they didn't announce anything with the M100.  The present rumors revolve around a 50mm or 35mm f/2 Prime lens on the EF-M line.  Most of those rumors suggest a 2017 4th Quarter or 2018 1st Quarter release date.  I have nothing concrete myself but it makes sense since there's a gap and a desire for such a prime on this camera.

There's already a fairly good lineup of Canon EF-M lenses that cover most needs... with the further ability to mount any other EF and EF-S lens (of which there are MANY) using the Canon Lens Adapter.

Canon's mirrorless APS-C lineup (EOSM platform) is already well established although there's quite a lot of competition out there. Canon's announcement of the M100 ought to have seen the release of a new lens but we can also assume that such a new lens (if a fast Prime) would better serve to promote a higher end model.

And these are just the CANON lenses that will mount on your EOS-M.  Other companies (Sigma, Rokinon, Samyang etc) also make lenses that serve as an alternative.

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