Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Funny you ask...

Mikespirito wrote:

But before I invest in more lenses, is micro 4/3 on its way out?

You know, people have been claiming it is for many many years now. Pretty much with every new Micro 4/3 camera release, you would see some vocal people claiming MFT is dead or will soon be and so on.

In the meantime, since the first mirrorless camera (Panasonic G1) was released, we saw:

  • Samsung getting on the mirrorless camera bandwagon, failing miserably and completely pulling out of the camera market
  • Nikon introducing their mirrorless system that went nowhere and ended up dying
  • Pentax giving it a go and ending up filling a tiny niche mostly on Asian markets, you cannot even get their mirrorless stuff in most countries
  • Sony entering the race with a very promising E system, which stagnated for the past 2 years and ended up being a second class citizen in Sony's lineup, exactly like APS-C DSLR systems that came before it (Nikon DX and Canon EF-S)

As of now, there are only three "serious" mirrorless systems: Micro 4/3, Fuji X and Sony FE. Neither of those will go away anytime soon.

In the future, EOS M from Canon will probably join them.

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