Is micro four thirds on its way out?

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Re: Is micro four thirds on its way out?

Mikespirito wrote:

I bought a Panasonic GX8 for the video capabilities. From a camera standpoint the takes pretty good stills. But before I invest in more lenses, is micro 4/3 on its way out. Seeing as Crop sensor Mirrorless is on the rise

Which crop sensor mirrorless? There are three systems out there, aside from m4/3 (which is still crop, just a slightly bigger crop):

- Canon EOS-M. After five years, they finally release a couple of reasonable bodies. Still lacking in native lenses though.

- Sony E-mount. Crop sensor E-mount has some good qualities for sure - decent sensors, arguably the best AF, and some good video features (as far as I've heard), but the body releases are somewhat haphazard (A6000 on the market for four years, A5000/A5100 nearly as long, IIRC), with the A6300 being a notable miss (overheating in video). Let's not forget the lack of native autofocus lenses designed for APS-C. Most recent lens releases are designed for full frame, meaning any size benefit in the body is immediately lost in the lens.

- Fuji X-mount. Consistent body releases, both high end and entry level, a growing native lens selection, and improving features that take customer feedback into account, such as improving AF and video. Probably the most competitive, though it will never have IBIS (mount is too small), and video is unlikely to catch up to Panasonic anytime soon.

I would say m4/3 is probably fine, as long as they're able to integrate new tech every few years - AF and sensor being the primary ones. It will inherently have a bit of a size/weight benefit at longer focal lengths, the two companies that back it each have a killer feature (video, IBIS), and for the most part they have a large lead on lens selection. Of course, if Canon ever get truly serious about EOS-M, or Sony stops treating APS-C as a redheaded stepchild, then we may have to revisit.

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