Testing sharpness of adapted 24x36 SLR lenses

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Re: Testing sharpness of adapted 24x36 SLR lenses

Rod McD wrote:

I only want one system, and I want lenses for it. Surely the most fitting strategy is to buy the preferred system, and then, if OEM lenses are unsuitable for any reason, buy and adapt other glass, including 24X36 film glass, and test it on your own system? It's the one you're gong to keep.

Like I would phrase it. An FF mirrorless here and the 42MP are demanding enough + delivering enough. Sharpness, whatever that means, is just one factor. My criteria are even field of good resolution, no corner smearing, acceptable flare level, CA that can be kept low in PP and then some ergonomic qualities in handling.

A lens that has all that on a high resolution M4/3 sensor is still questionable on the camera that I have. In many cases where center resolution was the goal in the lens design the excellent M4/3 performance is a bad indicator for FF performance.

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