Canon 6D Mark II Dynamic Range and Sensor Quality

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Canon 6D Mark II Dynamic Range and Sensor Quality

Dear members,

The noise across the web about the 6D Mark II has got me really confused. I am looking for some advice based on "real world" experience with this camera.

I was looking forward to the 6D Mark II and had great expectations, as my 6D had made me really happy. Canon have never really been famous for their meticulous sense of detail when it comes to sensor optimisation and of course dynamic range, but I found my 6D more than good enough, even in highly contrasted scenes that demand exposing for sky but also pushing shadows with minimal noise detraction. I have seen the graphs on the new 6D Mark II here, those from DXOMARK, read the reports, etc... but I am still none the wiser. Some sites deem the DR good enough if you know how to properly expose your photos, some others are broadcasting doom and gloom. I respect everyone's opinion here and I acknowledge that Canon have let themselves down, given the five year wait. But might I ask your opinion:

- Has anyone actually shot with the 6D Mark II? If you have, how does it compare to its predecessor? Are we talking about noticeable improvement? Noticeable degradation? Are they on par? The 6D Mark II Dynamic Range seems to be worse by 0.25 - 0.3 of a stop compared to the 6D, (DXOMARK graph). It is not good what they have done with this, I know, I know... but is it a catastrophe in the real-world landscape shooting?

- DXOMARK have stated that the high ISO performance of the 6D Mark II is ever so slightly better than that of the 6D. Some others though are talking about nasty magenta casts at ISOs of 3200, 4000, 6400 and above. Has anyone seen anything like this? If I shoot the Milky Way, for example, at 2500 - 6400 ISO and, say, 15 - 30 seconds exposure, or other night scenes, are the photos going to be noticeably worse than those from the 6D? Any hands-on experience in this?

Your opinions welcome.

Thanks a lot,


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