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For the scientifically minded

There you are, walking in the wilderness with a friend on a blistering hot Summer's day, at midday (unusual, but it can happen), and suddenly you come upon an opening in the forest and there in front of you is a spaceship with aliens moving about in the shade beneath. Being of a scientific bent, you don't freak out, you steady your friend and naturally decide to record the event.

You pick up your camera, but then start thinking about the harsh lighting, the dynamic range of the camera and all the variables to consider. You look down at your new m4/3s camera and furiously ponder what settings to adjust. Do you capture the aliens, the spaceship or both? The dynamic range of the scene is just so extreme. You finally decide on what to do, the science is behind you.

Unfortunately, by the time you have worked this out, the spaceship and aliens have departed. However, your friend with a six year old mobile phone has been snapping away, sells the crappy photos to world-wide syndicated news and becomes famous and wealthy.

The photos appear on DPR and all and sundry comment on the poor dynamic range, lack of fine detail, not enough shallow depth of field, poor post-processing, question why anyone still has a six year old mobile phone and everyone agrees they could have done much better.

There is no moral to this story.

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