Nikon D3 vs D300?

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Re: Nikon D3 vs D300?

lazyfortress wrote:

I have a few questions about these two cameras before I buy the D3 over a 70-200 lens.

  • What can my D300 do that the D3 can't?

What do you need a camera to do?

  • What would be a useful application for the Nikon D3 that my D300 wouldn't be able to do? I'd like to be able to use both cameras for different purposes. Any ideas?

Again, what do you need from a camera? The D3 is full frame and the D300 cropped sensor. In very general terms, the D3 will be able to throw the background out-of-focus easier which is useful for portraits.

  • Is $739 a good price for a used Nikon D3?

Depends on the condition. Check completed listings on eBay.

  • Would the Nikon D3 be better at landscapes and lightning photography than my D300?

Define better. If your exposure is f/11, 1/100th & ISO 100... then that would be the exposure for either camera. All else being equal, the D3's full frame sensor will yield better IQ... on paper anyway. I doubt too many folks, myself including, would every see a real world difference.

Maybe this will help:

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