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If you factor in a residual value of your machine after 3-5 years, the cost goes down. I was surprised to see that my 2011 MBP is still fetching $300-500 on eBay with upgraded SSD. So now that $2000 purchase is $1500 over 5 years. In the context of a this reliable machine, even the overall cost is manageable.

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I got it!! 2017 13" MBP 3.3 with 16/512 and it is a dream. What an improvement -- in some ways zippier than my iMac (must have some rogue programs holding things up). I've done some minor photo and video editing and am very pleased. if I have a larger video project, I expect to use the iMac for the 24 GB and quad core.

The keyboard is definitely different; I think I like it. I am a three finger "biblical" (seek and ye shall find) typist, so I am not as picky as a touch typist. It is definitely noisier than my older MBP. Also the trackpad is huge and the speakers are amazing. Screen is big enough for me, not a pro photographer.

Thanks for the help , folks.


Lots of people bagged the MBP refresh (and they are very expensive), but IMHO the laptop does not have any faults, and everything works exceptionally well. I have issues with Apple, but build quality and reliability aren't any of them... when I spread the cost over 3.5-5 years on something I use for hours every single day, the price difference to me is negligible. I can count on an Apple laptop to last that long (and still remain quick/relevant).

The speakers were a nice surprise for me too. The SSD speed is amazing... my machine can boot from cold to login screen in like 10 seconds.

It took me around three months to get used to the keyboard, but now I can fly on it.


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