GX85 LVF brightness with different apertures

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Re: GX85 LVF brightness with different apertures

themacguy wrote:

My concern (my original post) was that slower lenses would be darker in the EVF (much as slower lenses are darker when viewed through, for example, a Pentax DSLR) and, therefore, much more difficult to use.

It is the fundamental different between the digital live view shooting vs the analog shooting of dslr. Dslr provides a window to peek at what the lens will see. It is the real WYS but not WYG since the combination effect on the selected parameters will not be considered. Simple speaking when it is bright outside, can see a bright scene in ovf. If dark, will be dark. I still remember my old Nikon film slr allowed me to switch on a light in the ovf for easier operation in the dark.

Live view, as the combined effect of parameters in used be considered, will always aimed to center metering and so give a well lit scene in evf/LCD allowing easier operation. It is the true WYSIWYG. Upon that principle of live view (not live view of every brand be the same, I tried some older models of other brand that were nuts), even if the consumer grade f/3.5~XX lens be used, vs a fast premium lens we can still have the same brightness screen to work with (of course, result would be different due to the speed).

Basically I never notice any difference in AF (speed and accuracy) between a consumer grade lens vs a faster lens. AF at f/8 and f/2.5 of my Pany 14mm f/2.5 never find any obvious difference.

AFAIK, it would be a totally different story on dslr.

Finally, I suppose Pentax, including K1 can only AF up to -3ev vs evey newer Pany can do it up to -4ev.

My GX85 (set to its default) tries to make the slower lens appear just as bright in the EVF as the faster lens (which is exactly what I want).

One interesting aside: Fast lenses (<f2 or so) are more difficult to focus manually although focus peaking with the appropriate color definitely helps. My experience is that truly fast manually focused lenses do not provide enough DOF wide open for most of my needs. Do note the operative words here are "my needs". So I'm finding that stopping these lenses down to f2.8 just works better for me and extends the focus peaking (which, of course, is to be expected), and makes focusing easier. The added benefit is usually an improvement in IQ.

Is it?

I used the old Nikon ai 50mm f/1.4 and 28mm f/2.8 since G1 by a few dollar dummy adapter. Now I am still shooting with these old lenses happily on GX7 and GX85 for fun. Basically I can wide open them without much issue.

AFAIK the CDAF of Pany is purely making use of the contrast to focus. The peaking is to indicate the highest contrast area only.

DFD, making use of the DoF information of the lens vs what it detected, as a short cut to bring the focus point faster to the highest contrast point when it moves only. When MF lens be used, it will not has any say on peaking...

BTW, peaking of Pany, as commented by members, not among the most powerful ones of the industry yet...  I might still heavily rely on the auto magnify screen to MF having peaking be sort of assistance only.

Again, the above paragraph should not be taken to mean this is advice or a recommendation; rather, it's just my personal opinion for my needs.

Oh, BTW: I really like the GX85. The fact that I can connect all sorts of older lenses and even cobble together an old projector lens and a piece of PVC pipe and an adapter to discover alternative optics is a howl.

Yes, a major reason, other than the size and weight, for me to go mirrorless (G1 was the only choice back in 2008) despite I had been a devoted Nikon user...


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