How many of you have multiple cameras and why?

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Re: How many of you have multiple cameras and why?

chaznsc wrote:

I was wondering how many of you have multiple cameras and why you do. I have a few but really no purpose to it other than perhaps laziness of disposing other cameras.

First reason.

To save changing lenses when out. Saves time when I need to swap between focal lengths.

Second Reason.

I can take an older but capable body with me where I think there may be problem with the gear suffering damage / loss / theft, and leave the better bodies at home if I think it wise.

Third reason.

One body may have strengths or weaknesses the other doesn't have.

Fourth reason.

I like to swap between full frame and APS-C sensor sizes to get the best out of the lenses I have. APS-C for longer reach and Full frame for wider angles using the same combination of lenses. Ditto for the benefits of variation in bokeh or sharpness dependant of aperture on either body.

Fifth reason.

I will always have at least one useable working body at any one time.

Sixth reason.

If I'm experimenting I can use the most disposable of the bodies if I feel something may go wrong.

Seventh reason.

Some bodies are heavier than others. I have a pick depending on how strong I feel on the day

Most of my gear is used a lot and abused a bit, so selling them would be less useful than keeping them and by the time I think they have little value to me they really aren't worth that much.

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