Testing sharpness of adapted 24x36 SLR lenses

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Re: Testing sharpness of adapted 24x36 SLR lenses

An interesting approach but I'm wondering what purpose is served by it outside of academic research purposes, or maybe that is the point?

I used to be an obsessive pixel peeper but, personally speaking, the more photos I take the less I'm bothered by the sharpness and resolving capability of my lenses. I'm aware that some of my lenses are more suitable for particular types of shooting where sharpness is more desirable but it seems to me that ultimate sharpness and general lack of optical defects (various types of aberration, vignetting etc) rarely matter that much for my own usage. I'm more interested in exploring the overall feel that a lens can give a shot.

I'm quite happily using a Sony A7II and see it as a good thing that it can be quite flattering to my many less than perfect lenses.

So I can't help but wonder why you are so concerned with the testing of lenses? Is it just for your own purposes and what is your ultimate goal?

This isn't meant to be a criticism of your approach - it's just interesting to me that our two approaches seem to vary so considerably

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