Got my RX10III in August

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Re: Got my RX10III in August

Kharan wrote:

SeeTheWorld wrote:

I got my RX10III in August and was raving about it to anyone who'd listen. I'm still raving and recommending.

I've "sold" two to friends already One of them, a Canon Rebel user, was green with envy at just how simple and great the RX10M3 works, and especially envious of the video features.

You all can understand what going from lugging pounds of Canon equipment to discovering this wonderful camera is like--exciting and freeing! But, now there's a IV?? Should I sell my III and get the IV? I'm only halfway through my Alexander White book. And, I'm feeling kind of attached. Is there a huge jump from III to IV?

In stills? No, just the burst shooting and AF tracking. But the video quality jumped again, the 4K is looking ridiculously good on the M4, certainly good enough to rival the GH4 and A6300 despite their larger sensors.

It's also got a host of subtle and useful improvements. There's a focus limiter now under the focus hold button, a touchscreen for AF, improved menu structure with 'My Menu' tab, much improved focus peaking, doubled the duration of HFR video, and a couple of other things I'm probably forgetting.

The one thing you didn't mention is the separate AF start button. I've shot DSLR's with this feature for many years now. I've grown accustomed to not having it on the RX10 III, but really looking forward to gaining that feature on the IV. It's worth $$$ to me because my thumb just knows to look for it.

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