Frustrated with the 35 1.4G

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Re: Frustrated with the 35 1.4G

camerosity wrote:

Vlad3 wrote:

I know exactly what you’re talking about. I enjoyed the bokeh of Nikon 35mm/1.4 G but the sharpness @f1.4 was always unpredictable. There is no excuse for it when you shell out so much money, so it’s gone…

Expecting a full frame lens to be sharp at f1.4 is rather silly.

No, it's not. Further, there is a range of sharpness--yes any f1.4 lens will be sharper stopped down to f2.8. But there is range in which we find acceptable, and for many people the 35 f1.4 falls out of that range. This is only exacerbated by higher MP bodies.

You shoot at f1.4 to have a very short depth of field. If you focus accurately at f1.4 you will have good results.

This isn't a focus issue. (And I'll just mention that if you stop down, you might also have focus issues)

If you expect your camera to focus accurately at f1.4 you're missing the point.

If you can't get it focus accurately at f1.4, you likely have some body/learning issues.

I bought the 35mm f1.4 to have the best Nikon glass in that focal length

That is debatable, though it depends on intended usage.

There are two kinds of 35 f1.4 (nikkor) owners out there: wedding shooters who don't place a priority on sharpness, and people who used to own it.

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