Got my RX10III in August

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Re: Got my RX10III in August

I think it comes down to how much money you have. I first became enamoured with the Sony I" sensor when I bought a rx100 iii some years ago. I still love that camera. It used to be the only camera I carried when travelling but I sometimes felt restricted by the 70mm upper end (in 35mm terms). I didn't ever think I would be able to afford a rx10 iii. Yesterday, thanks to these forums, I found a Sony refurbished one  (with full Sony warranty) here in Australia for just over $1000 US and that was it. I bought it straight away. These have been selling new in Australia for nearly double that price and I couldn't miss the opportunity. If I had the money and the fast focusing of the rx10 iv is fact, I would likely have waited and bought it. But I think I will be happy with the rx10 iii for quite some time. I expect it will be my sole companion from now on (well there is my wife also) when travelling. The other influencing factor for me was that I also own a Nikon V3 with a cx70-300 lens (196 - 840mm in 35mm terms) that I use for any subject (eg grandson playing soccer) requiring super fast focusing. That is a fantastic combination. Just a pity the V3 sensor is not quite as good as the Sony (but the quality of the cx70-300 makes up for this) nor (in my opinion) are most other Nikon 1 lenses satisfactory for my needs.

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