Petition against Sony's Star Eater

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Re: A7rii completely useless for astro!?

Trollmannx wrote:

BBQue wrote:

Esperado wrote:

I wonder how Sony can show such a lack of respect for their customers, ignoring all their suggestions as well as all the petitions, (this one is the fourth for A7) even when they are signed by more than 5000 people.

I cannot imagine a better way to change enthusiasts customers into ennemies.

Such an attitude would be considered as a major professional mistake in any normal company, and the responsables fired.

I wonder too why the specialized press is so silent about this refusal, and don't ask questions to Sony about, even when they are invited at those open days in Sony manufactures. Intead of reporting the corporate's fairy tails about the "Vision" of Sony, or how much marvelous they are ?

As far as I'm concerned, I had to change my TV set recently.

The seller= "We have this Sony model too ..."

Me: " No thanks, not Sony !".

Here is an example how utterly useless the A7rii is for astro-photography:

It really is an outrage. I understand that you demand BETTER until Sony fixes this.

/irony off

We are different.

Am holding back buying Sony cameras and lenses. Wish for a star eater fix and use what Sony gear I have now. No boycott, just waiting for a non-star-eating Sony.

I would like to use Sony for astrophotography, but the star eater issue is a real problem in my case - hence using another brand for night sky photography. Have never claimed that Sony is useless for astrophotography, but in my case other solutions work better.

A fix for the star eater issue would be very welcome!

What I can not understand are all those telling us affected that fixing the star eater issue is a non issue. To some the heavy long exposure spatial filtering is a real issue - a fix will be more than welcome. So please do not downplay the petition.

Sony seems to be listening - but for now not listening to me.

Points well taken. I am not downplaying the issue, and in fact I have signed the petition.

On the other hand, there are some here that overstate the case and make it sound like these cameras are completely useless for milky way shots or even low light landscapes. There are countess examples of successful milky way images.

If you are a hard core astro photographer, the story is different, I understand. But most photographers here don't use tracking devices, stacking techniques or sensor cooling to get the most out of their equipment.

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