Sep 20: Bugs Close up, Overcast Birds & Friends w/FE100-400

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Sep 20: Bugs Close up, Overcast Birds & Friends w/FE100-400

I'm back from vacation, and it's time to get back on the wildlife and bird posting bandwagon - my last post was about a week ago, just before I left, so this will help keep me on schedule.  The following shots are from the last week in August and into September 2nd - which is almost up to current since I have missed the wetlands for the last two weekends (the first due to Hurricane Irma and the second due to a Disney World vacation)...I still need to post from the first two weekends in September and then I'll be just about a week behind...though I'll probably post up some Disney World photos in between, when I get around to sorting through those.

This thread I have shots taken with the A6300 and FE100-400mm lens without the TC, in and around Wakodahatchee and Green Cay Wetlands before the hurricane rolled through.  The weekends have been overcast with rain on and off, so only occasionally did I get actual sunlight - but in the harsh hot afternoons, that can be a good thing as it's not only a little cooler, but the light a little more even without all the blown highlights...though it does mean shooting birds in the tree canopies and under the reeds requires high ISO - no problem for the A6300...and no problem for focusing with the 100-400mm lens which does an excellent job of autofocusing in pretty poor contrast and lower light.

All shots posted at 1400 pixels on the long side if you click the originals, as usual:

A little blue heron, hanging out on the shore in some very overcast conditions, with rain impending

A young yellow-crowned night heron fishing along the shore in the cypress roots, also under the dark cypress canopy

This mottled duck was calling out constantly - staring off to the left - it took me some time to find what she was looking at - an alligator was lurking through the reeds just under the water and the duck was letting all the other birds in the wetlands know where it was

A tricolor heron, standing in the shallow waters, getting a bit windblown as a gust blew by from a nearby approaching storm

A closeup with a cute wee little juvenile pied-billed grebe, eyeing me

Deep in the pine scrub forest, a blue jay sits on a branch and watches me go past - ISO3200 needed in these dark forest conditions

A baby slider turtle, all covered in moss already growing on his shell - they often end up with an entire portable tundra on their shells as things in the wetlands grow quickly on anything slow moving!

No - we're not in the wetlands.  We're sitting in my swimming pool, and photographing the cute northern curly-tailed lizard watching me from the deck nearby.  He does this because he knows I will flick any bugs I find floating in my pool towards him, and he'll eat them right up!

I'm definitely not a good bee photographer!  I was just perfectly lined up to shoot this one on a flower when he launched in the air just as I pressed the shutter!

Second attempt when he stuck his nose in another bud

This dragonfly was unusually colorful - I often see orange, or blue, or red, or green dragonflies - but this one was interesting in having yellow, purple, and candy-apple red colors along with black trim...all mixed together

Tricolor heron standing up in a tree during a nice opening of the clouds and a bit of sun

Short-lasting sun - the overcast came back pretty quickly as I was shooting some glossy ibis walking past in the shallows

A strange angle - looking straight down on a great egret's head as he was hunting just below the raised boardwalk I was standing on - he completely ignored me as he was concentrating on the water below for an unaware fish

Here's a fellow that likes the overcast light...the grey skies blend with the waters reflecting the grey clouds, so his grey mass can slide through the water almost hidden among the ripples - though it doesn't seem to fool most of the birds who call out as he approaches

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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