Please. ‘splain me why everyone is so excited about the RX10IV - a bridge camera

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Please. ‘splain me why everyone is so excited about the RX10IV - a bridge camera

This isn’t a shot at the new RX10IV in particular (seems like a good bridge camera). I am just amazed by the excitement over a bridge camera on this board, populated mostly, I presume, by fairly serious photographers. I don’t understand the place a bridge camera has in a serious photographer’s kit.  So, I thought this might make for an interesting discussion here.  Please help me out with what is wrong with my thinking.

I can understand a bridge camera if one cannot (or would rather not) spend the money on a real ILC and lenses, but other than that, it seems to me that are better solutions to most photographic challenges. I’d guess that folks on this board probably spend considerably more money on photographic equipment than the average person, who seems content with an iPhone camera or a basic P&S, so the mystery deepens.

The RX10IV has a tiny 1” sensor. That is great in a camera that is itself tiny, like the RX100V. But the “body” alone of the RX10IV is bigger (and apparently heavier) than my trusty Fuji XT2, which has a nearly unlimited selection of interchangeable lenses. Where’s the upside to the RX10IV?

I have an RX100V for when I only want to carry a tiny, light camera. It has the same 1” sensor and IQ is reasonably good for such a tiny camera, but I must be willing to work around the limitations of that little sensor in order have the benefit of carrying such a small camera. I have the Fuji XT2 (which has a 24MP APS-C sensor) and a selection of lenses for general photography. And I have an RX1R II (a 42MP full frame sensor and a tack-sharp fixed focus lens) for when I want the ultimate in IQ. Yeah, this equipment is much more costly than a single RX10IV, but I’m happy to put that money into my photography. And, yeah, the RX100V and the RX1r II are rather specialized, but the Fuji is plenty versatile for all-around photography. I just don’t see where a bridge camera fits in that “picture”.

Please tell me why should I, or any other fairly serious photographer who does not have a tightly limited photo budget, buy an RX10IV?



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