How many of you have multiple cameras and why?

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3 camera types with statistics

chaznsc wrote:

I was wondering how many of you have multiple cameras and why you do. I have a few but really no purpose to it other than perhaps laziness of disposing other cameras.

I have three camera types (FF, APS-C and 1-inch). I just did some statistics:

Photos done in the last 12 months : 34760 (668 photos a week)

Done on FF: 45%

Done on APS-C: 47%

Done on 1-inch: 7%

Done on smartphone: less than 1%

If possible I do everything on FF (Nikon D800). It's the best. This usually means events that I go to by car, do the shooting, come back with no hanging around.

There are many reasons why I take APS-C (Nikon D7200) rather than FF:

- risky situations i.e. anything with public transport

- when I need to minimise weight and bulk (air travel)

- exploring with the gear on my back all day (holidays)

- when I need a superzoom to go from wideangle to long tele in one go (parades for example). I see superzooms as a bit of a compromise in terms of quality which come off better in APS-C than in FF

- when an event is for a web page and APS-C is more than good enough

1-inch (Sony RX100 mostly) is always in my "off-duty" bag which I take with me when I'm not shooting, for instance at night when I'm wandering about pretending to be a normal human being.

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