A quick way to AF Fine Tune lenses to a new body

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A quick way to AF Fine Tune lenses to a new body

The conventional wisdom is that when you get a new body you need to AF Fine Tune all of your lenses for that body. However, over the course of many bodies (D800, D800E, D4, Df, D750, D810, and now D850) what I have found is that the difference between them is just an offset. There have been no exceptions.

i.e. In my case the AF Fine Tune value for my D850 is (value on my old body for that lens) + 5 for every lens. The difference does not vary with lens.

Over 5 years of shooting Nikon and 7 bodies and over 10 Nikon AF-S lenses this has held true. This of course relies on having accurately tuned the lenses in the first place.

This is of course a huge time saver. Now I AF Fine Tune a lens like the AF-S 85/1.4G which is relatively easy to do. I then apply the offset I derive from this - I.e. The difference in values between new body and old body. Btw, I use a lensAlign with Long ruler extension.

There is considerable 'noise' in the measurement of AF Fine Tune values and I think that makes this relationship perhaps somewhat difficult to see.

As a side note, Nikon have the ability to program your camera to transpose AF Fine Tune values - e.g. if some lenses are out of range they can transpose the range by moving it up or down but you are still limited to +/- 20. So In my case I could, if they are agreeable adjust my D850 so it requires the same AF Fine Tune values as my old body. I say this because I have sat with a Nikon employee plug there laptop into my camera and do this.

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