How many of you have multiple cameras and why?

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Re: When you say wildlife, you mean wildlife

Leonard Migliore wrote:

doonie wrote:

D500 for wildlife

That's a lot of bear for a 250mm focal length. Lots more bear than I'd want to be near.

Ha ! That's the first bear I ever saw in the wild. We spotted him about 250 yards away and going in the other direction and then he disappeared. Our guide decided to take us to see where he went off to. I was standing in the middle of that stream and watching, the guide was on the bank with the other 3 in our party shooting the bull. Around the corner he comes and I said "there's that bear". He was about 50 yards away and walking directly down the stream I was standing in. Our guide immediately said, "gary, you need to get out of that water and come over here". No problem:-) I have never experienced the battle that ensued with my brain vs my instincts. Our guide was very calm so I knew I was fine but my brain was telling me "get out of here now" ! Very interesting feeling. Anyways, the bear acted like he barely noticed us and proceeded to splash around fishing about 20-30 feet away. He never got a fish, unfortunately.

Probably way more info than you need, but my kids and my wife are sick of my stories:-)

So this would be my first photo of a bear in the wild

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