You know, I have to really give it to Canon...

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Ben Herrmann
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You know, I have to really give it to Canon...

...meaning, in a nice way!

As a matter of lead-in information, I have the pleasure of using a variety of cameras from various brands.  I don't shoot with DSLR's anymore (although I still have some), and my focus has been solely on Mirrorless models and enthusiast cameras.

Having said that, I've been privy to lots of different camera styles, philosophies, and operational characteristics.  And needless to say, I have to remark that just about all brands are capable of superb IQ.  You won't catch me being solely a one-brand only fanboy.

And this now brings me to Canon.  My current Canon participation consists of a series of EOS-M cameras and lenses, along with some older enthusiast models - mainly the G12 and SX50HS.  I used to shoot quite extensively with various Canon DSLR's, but the mirrorless world had won me over with regards to size and weight, so I sold all of those.

With the exception of Canon, Panasonic and Sony, all of the other camera makers - that is, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, and Pentax - have all given up researching and producing advanced enthusiast models.  And that's a shame really as their histories have included some absolutely wonderful camera models (known as prosumer models back in the day).

Canon, on the other hand, has maintained a variety of focus points - and the enthusiast market is one of them.  When I look at all that Canon is producing across the board, I have to tip my hat to them.  I don't yet have any of the 1" sensored Powershot models only because I have so much gear now that adding anything else would be overkill.  But I have to tell you that if the G1X III rumor is real, I'll be in the front of the line to get one.  And if they update the G3X with something faster and better, I'll be there also.

In the meanwhile, I'll still using the likes of the older Fuji X10, X20, X30, XF1, X-S1,  Olympus XZ1, Panasonica LX7, Nikon P700, P330, and Canon G12 + SX50HS because of their excellent IQ and performance parameters..  But my admiration remains strong for what Canon continues to do on the enthusiast front.  They're not letting up and although not everyone will be happy with all of their releases (such is life), they are willing to continue R&D on this line of product.

So as one who uses a variety of different brand gear, it's really nice to see Canon continue doing what they do best - and that is making sure the Powershot line of cameras remains top notch.  And others have noticed also.  I know quite a few folks who in previous years would have never considered Canon (because they've been using enthusiast models from other brands) but are now using Canon enthusiast cameras - or getting ready to.

That says alot...

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