Frustrated with the 35 1.4G

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Re: Frustrated with the 35 1.4G

camerosity wrote:

Love my 35 1.4G. I shot fireworks in the sky above me at 1.4 and was very pleased with the results. I don't ever shoot at f1.4 other than situations where I absolutely need the extra speed - it's f2.8 or higher most all of the time. f5.6 it's amazing, and f8 it's brilliant. Performs well out to f16 when necessary.

I've never understood why people want to shoot a portrait at f1.4 - you want to make sure the whole person is in focus, from the tip of the nose to the back of the ear. If your background is too distracting, choose another background!

I like the environmental portrait, where the background tells the story about the person being photographed, and that is where the 28mm lens comes in.
The 35mm lens is my favorite focal length for walking around, people pictures, any subject. It sees how I see and I am usually never without my Df with the 35 1.4G welded on it. Great combo!

So if you use it at 2.8 or higher why not just use a 24-70 2.8 and have more primes in one lens?

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