How many of you have multiple cameras and why?

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Re: How many of you have multiple cameras and why?

yardcoyote wrote:

I have lots of cameras. I have them because 1) I enjoy a variety of shooting experiences 2) because I like to have several different lenses ready to go at all times and 3) because I just plain like cameras. I like picking them up and fiddling with them, and learning how they work. My plan for the future: to get more cameras, as the budget permits.

This is all actually rather odd, since when I shot film I had one camera and two prime lenses for more than 20 years and never felt like I was missing anything. (Today I might expand that to three lenses, since I have developed a taste for macro that I didn't have in the film era.) The problem, of course, is that I can't replace that old film camera with one that works the same way and gives me the same shooting experience and satisfaction, so I started collecting different attempts. I am having fun, don't get me wrong, but I would trade the whole collection, or most of it, for the one camera I really want that does not exist.

The same with me. I have 14 digital cameras but when I shot film I had maybe 2 or 3 at a time. The thing then was not to experiment with different cameras but with different film brands.

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