work flow with ipad pro (no creative cloud subscription)

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Re: work flow with ipad pro (no creative cloud subscription)

robgendreau wrote:

I don't know that "don't fix what ain't broke" is very useful advice with software. It's a moving target, just on security issues, so it's always being broken and always getting fixed, unlike some piece of hardware.

And deferring upgrading can sometimes just mean that you trade several small headaches for one giant one, as happens with stuff like Aperture's demise, 32bit apps on iOS, etc. Had a friend that was stretching out the life of an old Mac on some old system. Then it died. Couldn't install the old system on the new Mac, couldn't therefore use some of his old apps, couldn't access some of his old data. Had to borrow one of my relics just to mass convert a bunch of stuff, poorly. And you see it here: wanting iOS 11 for the current edge with maybe more file management control, but then using old Adobe software that can't take advantage of it.

Striking a balance can be a PITA.

And thanks for the 500px info; that sounds like a good deal. I wonder if I can tack on some CC time at that price cuz I've been considering using it. BTW, they're thinking of using HEIF, which would maybe be great if Lr supports it and if one can upgrade to High Sierra. Better quality, smaller files, faster upload with lower data transfer cost.

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Not to mention that iOS 11 nails the coffin shut on Photogene4 (and other abandoned apps), one of the BEST photo editors for iOS. Progress has its good and not-so-good elements.

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