Canon G1X Mark III on 17 Okt

Started Sep 19, 2017 | Discussions thread
phototherapy Contributing Member • Posts: 999
Re: Will it sell if it come with this lens ?

Mark9473 wrote:

phototherapy wrote:

if the sensor is a APSC size instead of the old 1.5", can it be done with the old lens ?? thats the question isn't it !!!!

It is impossible for the old lens to have the same 24-120 equivalent range when used on a larger sensor. It is also impossible for it to have a sufficiently large image circle to cover the larger sensor (look at a G1XII image in raw development with lens correction disabled). So I think your question is not a question at all.

What if Canon uses a APS-C sensor but does not use the whole sensor to mentain the same lens, it has been sugested by someone ? does that make any sence ?

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