EM1.1 in the wild a tale of gear and travel.

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EM1.1 in the wild a tale of gear and travel.

Greetings all,

Another thread of roaming around with the EM1. Usual disclaimers do apply, i am not a pro photographer just a happy enthusiast and not a native english speaker either.

First a little gear update (for those who read the previous thread).

Lenses :

I moved away from the 9-18 and ended up buying the 7-14, mostly because i hated handling the 9-18 for star photography and other night phenomenas. The 7-14 is waaaaaaay bulkier and seems more prone to flare (but might also be due to the 7mm vs 9mm ending up catching those flares more easily). So far so good i love the 7-14 but it did force me to move to a whole new filter system since round filters and 7-14 mix like oil and water.


As mentionned above with the 7-14 i moved to square filters, a mix of lee and Nisi. I tried the lee adapter for the 7-14 but it was pretty bad as it vignetted up to 10mm and since the adapter is hard to set up it effectively turned the lense to a 10-14 which felt pointless. I am currently using the phil norton adapter, its pretty good tho you do get vignetting when angling the filters. Major issue after some months of usage tho, i am starting to get a huge light leak from the junction between the adapter and the filter holder... Speaking with phil to try sort the issue.

The square filters while being more expensive are way better than my old cheap circular ones and the use of ND grad has truely improved some shots. But again... its a way bulkier solution from both a weight and space point of view.


Moved from a Sirui to a Gitzo... the gitzo is indeed better (more compact, easier to handle and generally feels higher quality) but the price gap feels huge between the 2. So if looking for value... might want to stay away from the gitzo


This has been the most annoying thing to update ! Initially i used a hiking bag with a separate bottom compartment. The bottom compartment could fit all my lenses but not the camera and the general ergonomy meant that i had to put the bag down to get the camera out.

I went on to try the peak design messenger 13. and could fit the camera, 3 "big" lenses and the tripod. Of all bags it was the easiest to handle and the one i almost never needed to put down. It however suffers some flaws if you plan to go hiking with it. First there is not much  space for anything but your photo gear in it. Secondly it only rests on 1 shoulder and after a while it truely gets inconfortable. Finally if you put the tripod in its dedicated spot you cannot pull the camera out using the zip opening.

My end choice ended up being the mindshift ultralight 25L. Again i can easily fit the camera and 3 big lenses in the bottom compartment which is what i looked for (can fit more at the cost of conveniency). Good bag  with good balance, small enough to feel like a small day pack. However its... a bad hiking bag, the shoulder straps are pretty low quality and so is the waist strap (note that if you are on the slim side you may run in another issue that its hard to get it to fit).

Into the wild

Lets now take this fantastic gear outside and see how it does again. Only 1 major trip this time but spent some time where i live during the summer so got some decent shots.

Britanny (aka my home turf)

All lenses are used when am around home since i dont have to worry too much about fitting some food or much water in the bag. The area does however put weather sealing to the test especially since i like seascaping and tend to end up being hit by a wave once every other photoshoot. Did not make any stats on lense usage as its pretty linked to the shots i set out to take rather than trying to adapt the lense to the situation.

Nightscaping with the 7-14

Seascaping (handheld shot while running away from the next wave)

Feets wet, camera safe !

Ye cats make sucky portrait models... they move too much.

toying with macro lense in a friend's garden

Overall i would say i use the 12-100 as a baseline lense even when am at home and just switch when i need a specific shot that i cannot get otherwise. I tried portraits with both the 12-100 and the pana 20mm 1.7 and results were not at definitive as one would think in terms of bokeh.

Faroe Islands, Skye and Lewis

This summer's big trip, since i was camping weight and batteries were a concern, but since am pretty stupid i still wanted my filters and tripod to try get some nice shots. Only took the following lenses for the trip :

- Olympus 12-100

- Olympus 7-14

- Olympus 75-300

The usage stats were the following over a 3 weeks travel period :

Total shots : 1921

"good"/kept shots :  162

per Lense stats : Total/Kept

Olympus 7-14 : 848/71

Olympus 12-100 : 1014/89

Olympus 75-300 :  32/2

Not much to say about those stats, not many pictures on the 75-300 as the 100-300 range is  used on very specific occasions (in my case it was solely used on Mykines in order to get some puffin shots). The overlap between the 12-100 and 7-14 means that some shots were taken with 1 of the lense just because i was too lazy to switch.

On to some shots :

The main use of 75-300

Sea ! Am always happy when the sea is near

the infamous gasaldur waterfall

Waiting for better light over the Quiraing

You can look for shapes in the ground not just the sky.

Sunset @ calanish

Some ending thoughts.

Battery life : This has been for me one of the huge drawbacks of the whole system for now, one a heavy shooting day i could go through 3-4 batteries which made recharging them a major issue when i couldnt just let them somewhere to charge.

Lighter but not light : Again this is a personal consideration, i initially moved from APS-C to M43 mostly for size and weight issues. While its true the m43 provides some lighter options (especially for long telephoto) the pro lenses are still heavy and bulky and you still need a dedicated photo bag to carry all that. I am well aware that i could go for way compacter options and that the 7-14 and 12-100

7-14 and flaring : yes it can get pretty bad but if you are setting up with a tripod, a well placed sheet of paper can completly get rid of it (even your hand but its trickier).

12-100 : yep, still love the lense, and i did get one of the 3s handheld shots at kilt rock as i couldnt set up the tripod correctly because of the handrail.

That's all for now folks.

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