Why can't we have 4k video w/dual pixel CMOS AF?

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Re: Why can't we have 4k video w/dual pixel CMOS AF?

billorg wrote:

Seems like such an oversight, any thoughts? Bill

canon is so fearful of losing sales in its pro lines and high end camcorders that it will not put 4k in until, those cows jump over the moon.

if you read eoshd website, it talks about the 1D C (prices way too high $15,000), it was EOL (end of line) only 9 mos after its release, did not receive the DPAF f/w update that the 1D X got, and absolutely NO tech reason for it - just canon's left hand did not like what right hand had as a product - stupid stupid stupid stupid.

it was due to canon not wanting the very excellent 4k/still cam from eating into its cinema line, c100,c300,...  foolishly.

the same for the very poor 5DIV, crappy video, no 4k, it really is unforgivable that canon INTENTIONALLY hobbles their DSLRs and even M line to protect their cinema and pro lines.


while Sony and Panasonic WANT their 'lesser' video cams to be able to support their 'pro' video lines.

diff companies diff philosophies - canon's just sucks donkey turds !

ps: canon can not even give good (let alone class leading) 1080p to their DSLRs/M line, let alone decent 4k, pathetic internals or awful pig headed biz decisions or BOTH !!!!

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