So where's the GR III? It was due about last month-ish.

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Silly enthusiasts with fat purses ....

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Don’t worry. If you include the GRD predecessors in your look at the past you’ll see that Ricoh has announced a new model as late as the day before Halloween before.

Ricoh GRD: Sep 13, 2005

Ricoh GRD II: Oct 30, 2007

Ricoh GRD III: Jul 27, 2009

Ricoh GRD IV: Sep 15, 2011

Ricoh GR: Apr 17, 2013

Ricoh GR II: Jun 17, 2015

But they’ve always released an update every odd year. It’s possible that the GR was announced earlier than planned in year 2013 to counter Nikon’s introduction of the Nikon A. Otherwise an autumn announcement is not unusual for Ricoh.

Yes! Now that's what I was hoping to see. More posts like this please, none of that glass half empty nonsense.

Okay, but October 30 means we'll need to start a new "it's due this month-ish" thread in two weeks.

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Dammit, if Nikon were game enough to try an A2 then no doubt the GRIII would have already been released ...

My guess is the pretty obvious - that manufacturers guard their own little niche cameras very seriously.

When Ricoh intruded on the Panasonic LX1 patch with the GX100/200 Panasonic reacted vigorously and demonstrated that it was going to not only match feature with better feature it was going to step up its model release rate and undercut prices. The rest is history - The GX100/200 is no more and whilst the GX100 (mine still works fine) seems to be still soldiering on the early LX cameras are never heard of any more.

I am sure that Ricoh knew of the A1 project and waited for its release and then severely undercut its launch price to make sure that Nikon would never recover its R&D cost. The only way that Nikon could more their stocks was at run-out pricing.

Noteworthy that the GR was launched at about 70% of the launch price of the A1 and that seems to have become the new benchmark pricing of cameras of that style and market penetration right across the board.

Likewise I would like to see a GR with M4/3 mount but well before it was marketed Panasonic would have its latest GM5 with 20mp sensor ready to roll and would launch a bitter campaign to hang on to their niche. At the moment Panasonic have other markets to fry and the GM series has been discontinued after beating all other small IL cameras rivals to a pulp. They can rest on their laurels until they feel that there is enough market build up again to be worth another model.

Such is business, we are more the silly enthusiasts with fat purses to be snatched.

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