Do you X100F/T/S Owners prefer that 23mm f2 over the 23mm F2 WR?

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Do you X100F/T/S Owners prefer that 23mm f2 over the 23mm F2 WR?

Hello All,

I've been debating on whether to get a backup camera for my X-T2 for awhile now just so I have something a bit smaller to take out around town or to throw in my bag when I hop on the motorcycle for a ride out somewhere. My choices have whittled down to 3 cameras. The X100F, the X-E3, & the Olympus Pen-F. Now, if anyone here can give me an opinion on the Pen-F vs. Fujifilm that would be excellent! But, I feel that's an entirely separate topic and so right now, I'd like to narrow my options on the Fuji side of things.

I already have the following lenses for my X-T2:

-23mm f2 WR

-35mm F2 WR

-56mm f1.2

-18-55mm f2.8-4.0

-16-55mm f2.8

So< I already have a decent collection of lenses that I could potentially use on my X-E3 if I ended up buying that one. Although, I'd likely stick with just the F2 Primes on it...especially since I'd also like to get the 50mm F2 to have that really nice trinity. And that leads me to my dilemma. Do I stick with the X-E3 and F2 prime trinity? or do I go with simplicity and the X100Fs' 23mm F2 fixed lens?

If I choose the X100F, how well does it's 23mm f2 lens compare to the 23mm F2 WR prime lens? aside from landscape photography, I also do a lot of portraits so this will be a main concern for me. I have read that the 23mm f2 on the X100 series is designed to specifically be soft at the wide end so that portraits looks softer. Does anyone here have both the X100F and the 23mm F2 WR lens and can comment on which they prefer and why?

I apologize if I seem to be all over the place in this post. There's just multiple things I'm debating between these cameras so any info would be greatly appreciated!

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