Best birding/butterfly setup around $2000

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Re: Best birding/butterfly setup around $2000

BirdShooter7 wrote:

I also use the lens as a close up lens a lot and like you I was concerned about the MFD. So far I'm pretty satisfied with the Sigma in this area. I can fill the frame with a medium sized dragonfly and that is good enough for me.

The Sigma goes from f/5 to f/5.6 really quickly, like around 115mm or maybe even a little less. It switches to f/6.3 around 250mm. The Canon definitely beats the Sigma by aperture all the way across the focal length range.

Bokeh quality is a bit tougher for me to judge for sure but I do think the Canon has the edge here. I try to be careful about my backgrounds so it isn't such an issue but my feeling so far is that the Canon does have a bit more pleasant transition from the focused portions of the image to the out of focus.

if you are really used to the Canon's performance (AF speed and IS performance) the transition to the Sigma might not be the easiest, you will definitely notice the differences. Once I got used to the Sigma it was fine and I found the lens to be very pleasant to use and I am getting results that I am happy with. I definitely wouldn't say it was an exact match to the Canon but it does seem to match it in terms of sharpness.

Many thanks for additional information and insight. Yes, I'm used to relying on the Canon's AF speed and excellent IS and am afraid the the disadvantages of the Sigma, although minor, are a bit too many for my liking. On the other hand, I'm not deeply enrooted in the Canon system (just one camera and one lens), and the Sigma gives a nice option of changing mounts if I decide to switch... There is currently a good sale at the on-line store (dcxpert) and it is possible to get the Sigma for 800 AUD, quite tempting. Have to think about it.

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