A Nostalgia Hit

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A Nostalgia Hit

Two and a half years ago, I went through a bit of a nostalgia hit after picking up a couple of cheap, but in outstanding condition, film cameras. I was compelled to once again try film, but soon discovered why I’d left this cumbersome photography practice aside. I clearly realised that I’d moved on and no amount of fantasising was going to make film attractive once again.

So quite unexpectedly I’ve had a nostalgia hit of a different kind, buying anew, a lens that I’d sold at least a decade ago. I was poking around eBay a week ago and came across an auction for a 4/3 50mm f2 lens, with a starting price of $290 (US$230). The seller had a rating of 97%, which isn’t usually a good omen, but on reading the seller's feedback, it seems that the negative feedback had come from what appears to be very specific group and for very specific products.

So I asked the seller some specific questions about the condition of the lens and received a reply that were I to buy the lens, would provide good backup if the lens wasn’t as described. Apparently the seller is a m4/3 user and was selling off his 4/3 gear to fund m4/3 gear. Anyway, for chits and giggles I put in the lowest bid and left it at that, but later thinking did I do the right thing.

Anyway, no one else bid on the lens and I became the owner. The lens arrived today and it is exactly as described and works a treat on all of my cameras. I remembered it to be a slow focusing lens, but my memory must be tainted, as it’s nowhere near as slow as what I remember. There's certainly no memory loss regarding the quality that this lens produces.

The other thing that is quite interesting, and this applies to all 4/3 lenses, is that you can’t stack 4/3 adapters and get any communication with the lenses. That is, you can’t stack an EC-14 and an EX-25, as you’ll get an error message. However, if I first place my Fotga extension tubes on the m4/3 camera and then place the EC-14 onto the lens and m4/3 to 4/3 adapter, everything works fine. That means I can have a 70mm f2.8 macro lens if I want.

I haven’t got any shots, other than a few test shots I did to ensure that the lens worked, as I’m currently nursing a hole in my jaw from whence a tooth was extracted (was that an ordeal) and waiting for the pain to arrive. Hopefully if the weather is good tomorrow, I can get out and shoot more than watch faces and keyboard keys.

All I now need is a 150mm f2 and I’ll have all the 4/3 f2 lenses, for better or worse.

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