Sorry Fuji users, Nikon says "Pros" don't use Fuji and Full Frame is the trend

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Sorry Fuji users, Nikon says "Pros" don't use Fuji and Full Frame is the trend

Explains why Nikon is bleeding customers...their management don't actually understand their customers and these samples from the poll reflect exactly that.

I think what he fails to realise is that, even if he was right (which I don't think he is), he forgets to consider the following:

1. Most pros don't buy into pro gear when they start. i.e. they buy in at a cheaper level and then go pro at some point in future. Therefore, if there isn't a compatible entrance point in mirrorless for Nikon, buyers will invest in other manufacturers glass that may not be compatible with Nikon's pro line and therefore will have little reason to switch.

2. Sensor sensor size is all about requirements. Only a limited amount of pros need the additional benefits offered by full frame over APSC. I.e. not everyone needs the extra stop of low light or DR. There are many wedding, portrait etc who are happy with Fuji.

3. A large portion of buyers of pro gear are enthusiasts

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