Test shot: Sigma 19 vs Sony 10-18 vs Sony 16-50

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Re: Test shot: Sigma 19 vs Sony 10-18 vs Sony 16-50

jtr27 wrote:

skanter wrote:

jtr27 wrote:

skanter wrote:

jtr27 wrote:

skanter wrote:

jtr27 wrote:

skanter wrote:

brilly wrote:

a good photographer can take a great photo with a potato - if you need a camera and lens then you should just quit now

if you agree then you are right

if you disagree then you are argumentative and should be ignored

Above post is about you - sarcastic, hostile, simplistic and - quite silly.

you can read all about it in my latest book which is all about me

You inadvertently have this absolutely right. A street photographer's work is about himself - not the subjects.

What an extraordinary and revealing pronouncement this is. Enough said.

A street photographer's work is about himself - not the subjects.

How extraordinary and revealing (and disappointing) that you do not know this to be a fact!

Do you not know anything about photography as an art form, the creative act, artistic expression - about artists and their relationship to their work?

No Sam, it's too late for false modesty now. You said "...is about himself, not the subjects." Nothing about relationship to their work, art form, creative act, artistic expression... or any of that phony-baloney ex-post-facto damage-control window-dressing that you tried to slap on with a putty knife after yet another condescending faux pas.

I meant exactly what I said - a street photographer's work is about himself - his artistic vision - not the subjects he shoots.

I am truly surprised at your ignorance and inability to understand this simple concept. You don't seem to have the slightest idea of what street photography is about, or about photography as an art form. Your attempts to insult and flame are sounding really silly now.

And I am truly surprised by your self-infatuation, and your inability to distinguish "artistic vision" (words inserted by you, after the fact) with narcissism.

Most would understand that "himself" and " his artistic vision" are the same.

I've had enough of you. You just sound angry and ignorant - not a good combination.

Noooooooo, I'm a very happy guy Sam, and I find talking to you to be very entertaining, and I believe, enlightening for all!

So let's talk about "gearheads," another clever term that you have used Sam. Like "pixel peeper." Very original! Sooooooo clever!

If somebody buys a different lens than the one that you buy, does that make them automatically a "gear head?" Are they also a "pixel peeper?" Because they have not bought what you bought? Is it (again) all about you?

How about if they buy a lens that costs 1/3 as much as your lens, Sam, and it is just as sharp, or even sharper?

What specifically in this scenario makes them a "gear head?" Or a "pixel peeper?" The better sharpness? Or the lower cost? Both? Neither? Not Sam Approved?

This is your opportunity to help us all better understand your Artistic Vision, Sam, and why people are wrong who don't do what you do.

So all this hostility just because I used the terms "pixel-peeper" and "gear-head"?

Im not the first to use these terms. They are in half the threads here. Not meant as a personal insult. You might want to consider why they push your buttons so much? I really don't care about gear that much. Not such a big deal for me. YMMV

Im finished with this thread. - bye.

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