Test shot: Sigma 19 vs Sony 10-18 vs Sony 16-50

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Re: Test shot: Sigma 19 vs Sony 10-18 vs Sony 16-50

jtr27 wrote:

skanter wrote:

jtr27 wrote:

brilly wrote:

a good photographer can take a great photo with a potato - if you need a camera and lens then you should just quit now

if you agree then you are right

if you disagree then you are argumentative and should be ignored

you can read all about it in my latest book which is all about me like the rest of my posts

People understand instinctively, I believe, that "advertorial" advertising (that is, an advertisement that pretends to be something other than an advertisement) is the lowest level to which "marketing" can sink.

The company or person who engages in such activity lacks even the integrity to admit that they're trying to sell you something.

Whether or not such activity violates the rules of this forum is for others to decide. But my opinion is that it's in very poor taste.

At least the guy hawking Salad Spinners on TV has the honesty to be up front about it!

The true professionals, people whose work really is good enough, don't need to engage in advertising on a message board in order to sell their work.

These ham-fisted "marketing" efforts by wannabe pros divert their time and energy from where it first ought to be spent, in my opinion - in creating images that are worth paying for.

It's like using a large, flourishy watermark on a landscape shot that does not even have a level horizon line: more thought has been put into the watermark itself than into the image that is being "protected." Salesmanship triumphs over substance.

Like most here, I believe, I have no pro aspirations. I take photographs and participate here solely because I enjoy photography, and I enjoy interacting with others who do too.

Most of us will agree and sometimes disagree, sometimes vehemently, but at least we'll understand that there's no ulterior motive, no thinly-disguised cheesy sales pitch taking place.

Your hostile, presumptuous and ignorant post is hardly deserving of a reply, but I will do so anyway to set the record straight.

Making a book for me was hardly a commercial endeavor - self publishing is expensive and profits are tiny, if any. It was a step in an evolving creative and artistic process - about which you seem to be ignorant. It was 18 months of work, and culling and laying out photos for print was challenging and exciting - far different from uploading to an online gallery.

Ive used the book as a portfolio, and shared with friends and fellow photographers who are interested in my work and process. This is why I put the preview in my sig - not to "hawk" the book, but to share it with those who have known me at DPR for 15 years. Many have been interested in the process of making a photography book. Some here have bought it, some Ive sent for free, and received valuable feedback. One member here looks at one printed page each day and writes with his impressions daily.

So please take your negativity and hostility elsewhere. It says more about you than you think.

I'm relieved for your sake Sam that it's not a sales pitch. Because if it were a sales pitch, I could only wonder how well this whole "Increase Sales Through Condescension" Marketing Plan was going to play out for you. I would have had to conclude that it was one of the more incompetent Marketing Plans that I have ever seen.

I'm no Marketing Major, but insulting the people you're trying to sell to strikes me as, possibly, perhaps, a bad idea. Could be.

And if you are really looking for feedback, and Artistic Growth, then perhaps lay off with the knee-jerk sixth-grade profanity, next time someone on the forum (not me) dares to suggest that they disagree with one of your Artistic Decisions?

Since you so clearly do not want to be perceived as "negative" or "hostile" yourself.

You are obviously full of hostility and have some axe to grind from some past posts or  thread - I have absolutely no idea what you are referring to. In any case, instead of spending inordinate amounts of time thinking of  "clever" way to flame - get over it, put me on your ignore list, or take it elsewhere - life is too short.

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