Test shot: Sigma 19 vs Sony 10-18 vs Sony 16-50

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Re: Test shot: Sigma 19 vs Sony 10-18 vs Sony 16-50

JohnNEX wrote:

This post asked for thoughts on the Sigma 19mm compared to the Sony 10-18mm.

I have a 10-18mm on loan from a friend, so here is a test shot at f/8 on the a6500.

The Sigma is obviously at 19mm, with the 16-50 also at 19mm and the 10-18 at 18mm.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that the Sigma is sharpest, with the 10-18 second and the 16-50 third. Some may be interested in the degree of difference between the three, however.

Focus was on the horizon, but at f/8 it will all mostly be in focus. The shot is of Canberra, with the Australian Parliament House close to the centre of the picture.

16-50 at 19mm

Sigma 19mm

10-18mm at 18mm

I am quite amazed that you compare 3 lenses on the same tripod etc, BUT, but that you let minutes (if not more time) elapse while just changing lenses.

Of course as the sun moves, so does the perceived contrast = sharpness.  Why did you wait so long between shots? Diid you have difficulties changing lenses, I wonder. What were they?

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