Very disappointing autofocus & ergonomics

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Very disappointing autofocus & ergonomics

I bought this camera when it got cheap enough to buy, as an alternate to my beloved Panasonic DMC-GM5. I wanted a camera that had IBIS for those moments when my 20mm f/1.7 wasn't enough to ensure a clear picture. TL;DR it was a waste of money.

The good:

  1. The High-Key shooting mode results in really, really beautiful pictures with great color.
  2. I love the electronic front curtain shutter mode. What a great idea!
  3. Everybody groans about how complicated the menus are. Big whoop! I wish they were even more complicated.

The bad:

  1. The autofocus is so awful and terrible. I want to photograph my children, and they move around. This is absolutely the wrong camera for them. But even in still pictures, it focused all wrong, all the time.
  2. You can customize the hotkeys and dials - except not to every function, inexplicably. I couldn't, for instance, reprogram the dials or arrow keys or function keys to change focus mode (except just to MF) - but I could program them to switch to underwater mode. Really, who needs a change to underwater mode more than they need a change between single and continuous focus?
  3. The dials are very pleasurable to use when you mean to use them. But they are so easy to accidentally move, too! When suddenly I find myself overexposed by 2 1/3 stops and have to painstakingly reset it, that is pretty annoying.

Sadly, from what I read, none of these problems are fixed in the Mark III, so I guess I'm waiting for the successor to the GM5 to come out.

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