Fuji X30 Replacement ? I shot the x20 need a replacement?

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Re: Fuji X30 Replacement ? I shot the x20 need a replacement?

JayDog wrote:

Well I shot the x20 fuji back in 2013 on my trips. I love that little camera. Anyway, I thought that this line of cameras would have had a huge following. I like the 28 to 112 f2.8 with an actual lens that twists out. This little range finder camera was fun as heck to carry around everywhere.

So my question is there some type of replacment camera people are moving to ? I see the x30 is dead as well.

My requirements would be an actual manual lens adjustment like the x30, fast lens, and very pocketable?

What i liked about the x20 is it did not feel like it would break like the automatic level type zooms that open and close constantly. I like the 28-112 zoom as well.

Any help would be great.


Don't I know the feeling. I previously owned the X30, which I really enjoyed the versatility, but for some reason, there was something off about its colour rendition. I could never get Asian skin tones coming out right under any lighting or film emulation. It would either look too pinkish or too jaundiced, be it in daylight or under relatively easy tungsten lights. I also find the EVF's refresh rate to be a tad slow in low light, and the autofocus to not even bother hunting when the lights get tough. Despite all this. the X30 was otherwise a very fine camera that had a really useful zoom range with a nearly silent shutter, and the only reason I traded it off was because for an everyday camera, I was spending far more time colour correcting in post than with my work cameras, so I traded it off for an X-Pro 1, and that was how my Fuji X journey started.

Fast forward to a month back, and I realize I needed a compact camera I can bring into an upcoming concert, as interchangeable lens cameras are generally disallowed. So I started looking again for an X30, and managed to find a used X20. Man, the X20 is everything I loved about the X30, but even better (other than the lack of USB charging and wi-fi transfer).

The colour rendition is almost identical to my X-Pro 1, battery life is outstanding with the optical viewfinder, and heck, the fact that it's a compact with a fairly bright OVF with an info overlay is quite a miracle in itself. I don't know of any other compact with such a good OVF, and while the 85% screen coverage is a minor bummer, it's not really a big problem.

About the only minor issues I have with the x20 are parallax, lack of custom buttons, lens slightly blocking the viewfinder and the awful manual focusing controls. Otherwise, the X20 is pretty much my idea of the perfect, everyday compact. Once I got it, I've been using my X-Pro 1 a lot less now simply because the X20 is just so convenient to carry around.

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