FW 1.42 for K1 but not the one we were waiting for...

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Re: FW 1.42 for K1 but not the one we were waiting for...

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Part of me really wants to see a 'be all and end all' v1.50 firmware release (SR in video, better AF algorithms, extra pixie dust, etc), but in the end I know that new firmware releases are really just free icing on the cake.

I was happy with the K1 at v1.10, but I really do hope for the legendary firmware release

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Ahh Firmware updates. What these could do for even older camera models.

I would be quite happy to pay for an upgrade to the firmware in my K5, but of course older boxes don't get to see newer software. I have heard the argument that older hardware wouldn't be able to handle the newer algebra.......but I don't believe this is true. Anyway think about it Ricoh,. A small cost would help you to finance your code writers and keep your old customers happy. Happy people remember.

An interesting idea. Ricoh could perhaps post it as a kickstarter type job. They give an estimate as to what a new feature would cost and people could pledge money to get it done. I can imagine some pretty long lived gear.

But I think planned obsolescence is what they're going for though. There's a LOT of money that goes into the RnD of a new camera, and they're unlikely to do anything that gets in the way of photographer upgrading their gear.

Yes this is precisely why they do it. Why would you continually update a discontinued product when they want to sell you on a shiny new product?

well usually doing so demonstrates you are standing for your customers. In case of the K3II they did only one firmware upgrade for plm lens support, that's it. Any company that really stands behind their product i would think would have done a bit more, there are things that can be improved in K3II with firmware upgrades. Maybe they don't have enough devs, and they are too old mindset to make their firmware opensource so maybe other developers could contribute to them. A shame. Makes me feel abbandoned.

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