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Also in the process of trying to educate myself, I've found where the MacPro 2009 is SATA 2 which limits its speed. This would mean I wouldn't be able to fully take advantage of the upgraded SSD. Is there a way to upgrade the 2009 from SATA 2 to SATA 3?

Sata 2 is fine, 3000 mbps, an SSD is 4000 mbps, USB 3 is 5000 mbps

To put this in perspective your current video is 60 mbps ?

DNX HD and Prores HD are 220 mbps, there's 120 mbps variants that are fine too.

Your main problem is probably decoding the H264, make DNX / Prores proxies,
add a single SSD either internally or via USB3.

It doesn't need to be huge, use mechanical storage for the long term.

Another workflow is to make Prores proxy HD files, edit these and then relink to the
originals and export a master file. That's how movies are made.

I have USB 3.0 ports currently installed. If I need the storage space would it make more sense/achieve the same results with getting an external 3.0 12TB drive like this and not get an SSD drive ? Also that drive is what was recommended to get but it says SATA 3...if I only have SATA 2 then that SSD won't work, correct?

Yes, but you should first find out why it's slow. Make some Prores 422 HD or Prores LT, put it on your existing drive and see if that fixes it.

If that works then an SSD would be my next step to see if your system can handle 4k.
That 12TB would be OK for HD since it's a dual drive but maybe not for 4K Prores.

Alternatively putting 3 mechanical drives in your drive bays and raiding them would give you storage and speed.

Personally I would make HD Prores proxies, edit then relink, a bit more time consuming but then any computer can edit 4K h264 / h265 originals, it becomes future proof.
The 12TB drive would be fine for this.

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