Sony FE 70-300 or Sony FE 90mm for landscapes

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Re: FBW works on the 90 macro!

osv wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

slstr wrote:

Jim I think I used focus by wire on the FE 90 just the other day by switching to manual focus on A7RII body while lens itself is in AF mode .. Did I dream this ?
Yes, I just double checked. I set the A7RII to MF on body using custom buttons or menu. then I can quickly switch between focus by wire and "virtual mechanical coupling" by selecting AF/MF position on lens-barrel.

I tried your suggestion and it works perfectly! I withdraw my criticism.

thx to both of you for bringing it up and clarifying it.

one of the hallmarks of the "g" series lenses is supposed to be improved mf, so when your results didn't live up to that, it had me wondering.

In all other cases that I know of, the controls on the FE lenses override the menu settings in the camera, so I -- foolishly -- assumed that was the case here. I guess I'll have to check from now on whenever I get a new lens.


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