Minolta Dimage 7i overheat issue

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Re: Minolta Dimage 7i overheat issue

The Dimage 7 series was part of the biggest Camera Lawsuit in History. Every Camera sold years later Customers were informed to return the Camera to have a new Sensor installed. Every sensor was bad, The Company that supplied the sensors was sued as well. Minolta turned the job over to Sony. It took about 3 weeks and you were able to follow on-line exactly what was happening with your camera. There was no charge for anything. My camera came back restored and is presently on a camera stand in which I use for Macro Photography. I used the camera for years in the field from the Beaches of California to the wetlands of Florida. I have clocked literally 1000 hours on the damn thing. But today its only allocated to close-up photography. My original sensor did fail. The 2 inch Monitor starts flashing and soon goes dead. Believe it or not the Final verdict in the Lawsuit states that any and all customers that can prove ownership can still today get them fixed. Google Minolta Dimage Lawsuit. Its one of the most interesting stories in the History of the little camera. And mine still shoots beautiful pics 1000 times better than any cel phone can shoot. People would come up to me and ask about my rig. I will never part with it. On the overheating issue, that is a internal problem and the battery poles may be shorting out. Or a bad charger was used. I have all the accessories made for the camera. Including a wired shutter switch, the A/V Cable which I have hooked up into a CRT Monitor and the Charger. I have the original battery and charger as well.  For me this is the greatest "Throwback Camera" of all time.. for the camera and the incredible story of its existence in the world of Photography. JEV @JEV1A

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