Adobe wants to privatize the language

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Re: The horse is already out of the barn

Pontoneer wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

Mr and Mrs Photoshop as well as Mr and Mrs Photoshopped are fully entitled to use their name in business.

That is if they did not change their surname by deed pool

Oh , quite

But what about that long established business John's photo shop , which had been trading since long before Adobe came to the fore ?

Might be a one man band photography business , or one of those dying breed of hard to find places that do developing and printing ( digital printing these days ) .

There's just the underlying principle that big corporations shouldn't be allowed to get heavy handed with little guys who have done nothing wrong .

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With kind regards

Or perhaps a pub called 'The Hobbit'?

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Photography is about light, not light-proof boxes.

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