Olympus 28/2.8 or Konica 28/3.5?

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Re: Olympus 28/2.8 or Konica 28/3.5?

1832vin wrote:

Hi, I'm trying to buy a 28mm lens with a focus on colours, and imnow down to 2 options, Konica 28 3.5 or the olympus 28 2.8 where the latter is about £10 more expensive

Which one should I buy...... >∆<. Which one is better in terms of nice colours?

In the Olympus OM world, the f/3.5 & 2.0 versions are better considered than the 28 2.8. The 2.0 has very smooth tonal gradations (a bit like some Leica lenses).

At the opposite end of the scale (more expensive though) is the Pentax K 28 3.5, which has very high contrast and saturated colors (stereotypically Zeiss-like), a bit as though it has a built-in polarizer.

Depends what you consider "nice" colors to be.... 

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