Help with choosing my first DSLR

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Re: Help with choosing my first DSLR

Live_Ammo wrote:

Hi, I hope someone can advise an absolute noob-tube on a decent first time DSLR.

I'm guessing that by "DSLR" you mean any kind of superior camera to a basic compact. A DSLR uses an internal mirror to direct the scene into the viewfinder; a "mirrorless" camera uses a small "TV-like" picture in the viewfinder. There are minor differences in use between the two types but, frankly, I don't think they are significant to what you are asking about.

DSLRs always come with lenses that can be changed to suit different types of shooting; some mirrorless cameras are the same, others have a lens fixed to the body.

I take images of womens clothing on a mannequin using a very simple set up in our office, comprising of a white back drop and a 2 bulb lighting kit. The images taken are then uploaded to our website, shared with customers via email and used occasionally in producing a very simple PDF image catalogue.

I've been using a compact camera (which recently died-out) and now dependent on my NOTE 4 smartphone. For us its the perfect opportunity to invest in a decent camera but we have no idea what to look for. We also intend to take photoshoots with models in the near future and plan on upping our photo studio standards. We may use the outdoors too with the models for certain product collections.

A "decent" camera for these sorts of uses will be of the interchangeable lens type. But ...

Our budget: Under £500 (the lower the price the better for now).

... you'll need to spend well over £500 to get one new, especially considering the ideal lenses for your purposes. About double that might be a realistic starting price.

If you can run to that higher budget tell us and we can start to make sensible suggestions. If not ...

Preference if possible: We are hoping for a camera which can send images to our computer automatically when shooting via wifi. This is not an absolute must but if the budget allows, it would be very useful!

This camera is a fixed-lens camera with a good-sized sensor, will do what you want photographically and has built-in WIFI. And it just fits your budget.

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