Amazon Prime selling Tamron Grey market Lens?

Started 6 months ago | Questions thread
bmoag Senior Member • Posts: 1,517
Re: Amazon Prime selling Tamron Grey market Lens?

I can tell you for a fact that you can unwittingly buy a grey market Tamron lens from Amazon shipped via their prime service because I stupidly did that. Nothing on the Amazon page described my lens as grey market, refurbished, whatever.

Being incurably paranoid I would never buy grey market but factory certified refurbs have worked out well.

The Tamron lens came in a plain cardboard box with a genuine instruction manual and the hood. Although it was obvious this had to be grey market/refurbished I took the time to test the lens.

I can find no problems with the lens in actual use, it seems to behave like published tests describe, so luckily no harm/no foul. Presumably if you got the lens via the Prime service you can return it.

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