First week of flying - What do you think?

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John Koch Senior Member • Posts: 1,005
800' Altitude?

The default over-the-ground altitude limit for the Mavic is 400'.   How did you fly above the 790' Hancock Tower?  Did you launch it from Copley Square?  No issues with spectators?   Among every dozen, at least one is likely to be suspicious or dial 911.  Presumably building security would have intervened if you tried to do this on the Clarendon Street side of the building.

Boston's drone laws are, on paper, relatively lenient, but prohibit flights over private property and require certain other things, not always easy, such as keeping the drone in sight, and not flying over people or vehicles.  Rules aside, observers might raise a row or allege almost anything.  A quotient of the public assumes any drone is spying on them, or might complain you photographed them without permission.

In other words, except under the direct auspices of the Boston police or other official agencies, a city fly-over seems to beg trouble.  Surely, at some point during those 5 hours of shooting, someone (whether badged or not) became confrontational. No?  Or were you disguised by dark glasses, a skateboard, and a shirt labeled "Casey"?

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